The ethos behind Growth Labs is deeply rooted in the pillars of modern marketing that are built for sure success. At its core, Growth Labs is ROI-centric, emphasising the significance of quantifiable returns on investments as the ultimate benchmark of effectiveness.

Furthermore, it thrives on being data-driven, leveraging comprehensive analytics and insights to guide decision-making and campaign optimisation. Transparency stands as our cornerstone, ensuring trust and openness in all client relationships. Through funnel optimisation, Growth Labs continually fine-tunes strategies across the customer journey, from awareness to conversion.

A creative mindset serves as its unique selling proposition, crafting compelling narratives and thumb-stopping content that resonate with audiences. Our always innovation driven approach, though not overtly stated, underpins all operations, fostering adaptability and forward-thinking strategies to stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape. In essence, Growth Labs embodies these pillars to deliver exceptional marketing solutions that drive growth and success for its partners.

Results Oriented

with end to end support till actual ROI improvement

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through intelligent global tools along with 300+ experts

Perfect Synergy

of Creative and Strategy to create impact.


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Our Services

E-comm & D2C

Through the funnel approach take your products from your warehouse to your customer’s homes! From attracting new customers from the gram to upselling old ones, our D2C strategies will make your brand the talk of the town, while maximizing your RoAS.

Lead generation

We not just give you leads, we will work with you to understand the micros of your customers journey and increase the lead quality with optimizing the entire CRM touch points.

Branding &

Getting your brand out there, creating a higher brand recall and making sure that you have a higher TOMA compared to your competitors.


Your community are your brand promoters, they are the ones talking about your brand through word of mouth, we help you reach delight stage with your existing and new customers.

App Installs &

Whilst we will help you increase downloads, DAUs, and MAUs, we will also work with you to increase ROI and growth metrics important for your brand.

Media buying

From content collabs, to expandos, from ad spaces to Youtube Masthead, we will help you get your brand ads on the best spots across the digital ecosystem to get the maximum traction.

Case Studies

Our Clients


Key Media Pillars:




The 3 core pillars will be supported by an optimization & tracking/ reporting process
that helps achieve desired results!

Core Objectives:

Performance &

Focus monthly will be to generate a substantial traction at an effective cost while also scaling the same gradually.

BAU Campaigns


Focus once in a while will be on creating impact & building recall through targeted top funnel campaigns, these will also help build a remarketing pool that can later be tapped through performance campaigns; additionally this will also boost search volumes.

Seasonal Campaigns

Pilot Launch:
Creative testing

Initiating the campaign with a mix of different creative formats such as statics, carousels & videos along with distinct tonalities like textual, lifestyle, testimonial etc.

Audience testing

Progressing the campaign with a bundle of prospecing, remarketing & database cohorts along with intent based search groups.

Creative testing

Studying data captured through each target group & asset to run a qualitative analysis & decipher what combinations work the best.

Adding to the existing campaigns basis this data analysis.

Transparency Provision:

View access will be given to all ad accounts; so that the brand team can go through campaign set up & performance at any given point.

Platform & vendor invoices will be shared with brand team monthly before the agency raised their fee invoice.

Team structure & employee allocation will be shared in detail before initiating work & all approvals will happen on mail supported by a WA group for quick communication.

Reporting &
Spends &
& working

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